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When it comes to luxurious events that thrill the senses, very few places compare to Shangri-La Hotel Toronto. Be it the beautiful hotel rooms and amenities, to the incredible food and dinning experiences. On November 14th, the luxury hotel hosted an event like no other. Read all about what Fête Chinoise had in store for those of us who attended and why I am still left inspired for my own upcoming nuptials.

“A counter-culture art experience, Fête Chinoise engages both the audience and producer in exploring the “new Chinese.” This exhibition explores the way we approach tradition in weddings and social gatherings, which plays a significant role in our personal lives. Invited artists and designers will imagine, without bounds, what century-old traditions might look like today in a fashion-forward and sophisticated society. In a compelling series of 9 spaces, guests will enjoy curated food and beverage pairings, delicately seasoned with nostalgic music, as they walk through an enchanting gallery-styled experience.”

Versus the “conventional” wedding event with booths in a huge convention centre that can be overwhelming, Fête Chinoise in fact was an intimate portrayal of tradition and all things wedding. From flowers to food, there was a connection to the heritage of the Chinese culture in a modern day setting. I am still left following the #fetechinoise hashtag to see the event through the eyes of everyone who also attended.

I would HIGHLY recommend you do the same. Take a look at a few photos the hotel posted to their instagram account below:

The food experiences curated to compliment this compelling day were bar none some of the best of the year. It helped to showcase wedding inspiration from day to night. Being that we’ve enjoyed similar experiences at the hotel in the past, I was SO excited to see what they had in store for Fête Chinoise! It was authentic and no detail was left untouched to ensure that the event as a whole stayed true to tradition for a modern day wedding.

#fetechinoise food

Did I also mention that all proceeds from ticket sales were also donated to the MON SHEONG FOUNDATION, a Chinese-Canadian charity supporting community wellness and cultural heritage? THAT was the icing on the proverbial wedding cake for me and made Fête Chinoise extra special.

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make Fête Chinoise a huge success! It was such an amazing day and I can’t wait to see what you all think about it.

For more information on Shangri-La Hotel Toronto and it’s ability to create beautiful moments and events like Fête Chinoise, make sure to check out their website here.

To join in on the social media conversation, make sure to follow @ShangrilaTO on Instagram & Twitter. Follow the #fetechinoise hashtag to see the event through the eyes of the attendees and make sure that the next time an event of this nature happens, you come and join us in person. I can guarantee it will change your life!

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Photos: Shangri-La Hotel Toronto & Fête Chinoise


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