Events | The iYellow Wine Club #EpicaNights

Imagine the following situation. It’s midnight in the city of Toronto and you’re walking down a back alley off of Queen Street West. The sounds of the city surround you and the night is alive with energy and intrigue. You find the marked door you were told to look for and when you walk in you descend into a crowd of like minded people and wine lovers who are enjoying a themed midnight wine tasting. And you’re invited! Sound too good to be true? I thought so as well until I recently joined The iYellow Wine Club for their midnight tasting of Epica Wines.


Founded as a social club for wine enthusiasts, The iYellow Wine Club is one of the greatest experiences I have had in Toronto as a wine lover to date. “iYellow is a place where you can taste wines from all over the world, learn about the wines you love and meet other wine lovers!” And the best part of the whole experience? Membership is absolutely free!

During the #EpicaNights evening, guests were served both a white and red option from the Epica Wines portfolio alongside live music and a delicious food station. The entire evening was engaging and the social media associated with it all created a sense of online comradery. The premise is meant to be about great people coming together to sample great wine and learn a thing or two during the process. The secrecy and back alley, members-only feeling of it all is something right out of a movie. I only have great things to tell people when they ask me about my first, and certainly not my last, iYellow Wine Club experience.


For more information and tantalizing wine events coming up on their schedule, why not check out their Facebook & Twitter accounts. And if you’re so inclined, sign up to be the latest member and join me next time for what I can guarantee will be a night of win and laughter, food and friends.

Photos by Patrick Sijs

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.


Daniel Desforges