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Family Lifestyle | #EtsyMadeInCanada – Ottawa

I think I’m still feeling a high from the Ottawa event last Saturday! On September 27th, in cities all across Canada, Etsy held a one of a kind event showcasing local talents. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend in Ottawa, which lucky for me happened to be the largest one! With 158 vendors listed to be showcased, I knew I was in for a FUN morning! I wanted to make sure I got there nice and early so that I could see all that the vendors had to offer. When I arrived at 9am, there was ALREADY a line AROUND THE BUILDING! Such an awesome turn out to support our local community and vendors. I walked in and my eyes went EVERYWHERE! I saw sooo much pretty! I knew I wanted to find some especially unique items that I could feature just for you in case you didn’t have a chance to attend! Here, in no particular order, are some of my favourites!

Salvage Jewelry Co.


I was immediately drawn to this jewelry! It’s stunning, has that vintage look and chevron! (if you know me at all, I’m chevron obsessed! remember these?) While earning her Fine Arts Degree at NSCAD University in Halifax, NS, Brandy took classes in ceramics, textiles design, and jewelry/metal-smithing. She quickly fell in love with creating modern fashion from vintage and recycled scraps. That’s when Salvage Jewelry Co. came about. She uses vintage components and recycled scrap metals and reuses them to create  updated, modern pieces. Her favourite is this layered chevron necklace ( She says, “It’s definitely one of my fav pieces to make. I start by cutting out the pieces and forming the silver wire, then stamping the chased pattern on the top layer, then I solder it all together, pickle it in a special solution and finish by tumbling for hours and then tooling with a rotary hand tool until the perfect finish is achieved.” Now if that doesn’t inspire you to see the beauty and possibilities from scrap metal, I’m not sure what will! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop for more incredible pieces!



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Little Yeti Shoes


Seriously, how CUTE are these?! I know my lil one isn’t so little anymore, but I just couldn’t resist these awesome and stylish shoes! Little Yeti Shoes is a relatively new company, but is in high demand, and rightfully so. Aly started making shoes only 5 months ago when her daughter was 2 months old. She was looking for a pair of baby shoes online and figured she could try making her own before pair. She drew up a pattern, which has since undergone many changes, and started making shoes! Sourcing a lot of her leathers locally, she also recently travelled to Calgary and came home with a suitcase full of bright, soft leathers! I asked her which was her favourite so far (how could you chose?!) and she said, “I love any of my high top designs. I tend to dress my daughter very plain, and I find that a high top, lace up bootie is the perfect compliment to almost any outfit. That being said, any shoe looks sweet when it’s so tiny!” I couldn’t agree more! I think these might be my favourite, I need a girl! hehe





Zoe’s Corner


This one I know Catherine will totally LOVE and approve of! Zoe started 3 years ago, by wanting to make her own lotions. She found a local supplier who made awesome candle moulds and so she started making candles, and researching soap making. Ending up making lots and lots of soaps, her parents let her put up some of her items for sale in a corner of their shop, hence Zoe’s Corner! Since then, she now makes a TON of other natural products using local suppliers. Just recently Zoe started making ” from the farm” soaps with fats from grass fed cows (from Dobson farms) and pastured heritage pork (from Upper Canada Heritage Meat). “It is great to support farmers, and use something that would otherwise go to waste. I have been making artisinal soaps with amazing results, and marketing it to local butcher shops and those who love to support local farmers.” So great to support other local businesses! I just loved the Lime & Pine scent! Be sure to check out her extensive Etsy shop!





The Paaper Shop

paaper_board The Paaper Shop was one of the vendors that I distinctly remember scoping out prior to the event. I just kept coming back to the print of the Peace Tower. Jaana started producing paper products about two years ago after she noticed her favourite client projects were the things like wedding invitations or unique custom business card designs. She said, “I just loved seeing a project all the way through to print… not just sending off a digital file. I guess I feel a little bit nostalgic towards paper because we live in such a digital world so I want to try to keep the old simple things alive so paper really has become an inspiration.” I asked her about her favourite design, she told me “I really love my Sunnyside Up print. Its pretty simple but it was inspired by my father who passed away earlier this year. He was an incredible graphic designer, an inspirational architect and my best friend. He had a thing for simple and meaningful design.” I love when the designers life is reflected in their work, you can feel that personal touch.





High Tide Bow Ties

hightide So, Lyric’s preschool photos.. he’s wearing a bowtie… heheh! What can I say, I love em!! When I saw High Tide Bow Ties almost right at the front door, I couldn’t resist! Mac and Matt started making bow ties just this year in June. Mac had worn a bow tie to a friend’s wedding, and just loved not only the way  he felt, but the reaction he was getting from others. A month later Matt came home from a few years abroad and they decided to get right into the bow tie business! The first couple of drafts they made themselves, but they weren’t kind of quality they were looking for. Mac says, “we wanted only the best for our customers. So we got in touch with a local seamstress to actually sew the bow ties for us. We pick out the fabrics and bow tie design, our tailor puts it all together.” Sourcing fabrics from Ottawa as well as other North American websites means the options are endless! Besides.. if you need a reason to wear a bow tie, High Tide gives you 10! (you BET I got one for my lil man! hehe!)





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Photography: Amanda Hayden Photography

Live, Laugh, Love

Amanda Hayden

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