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One of the things I really love is having something that no one else does! Ever since I was little, I always loved having custom made (by my mom) clothes, one of a kind bags, or a unique piece of art. Now that I’m an adult, and a mom, I love it even more! I’ve always looked for pieces for Lyric that I know someone else won’t have. Whether it’s making curtains from sheets, custom blankets, or buying his clothes from independent sellers on etsy, I love knowing that he won’t match the crowd. He was definitely born to stand out! I came across muffymade, and instantly fell in love with the concept! Completely custom items!
Recently featured in The Canadia Gift Guide, and chic.toronto, muffymade is quickly becoming the go-to for unique products. Created by Meredith Shaw and Nicole Clark, this Toronto based company sets out to bring you one of  kind items to make your gift pop! From mugs, to cards, to (my favourite) doodle-wrap that you can colour in with your lil one, you’re sure to have a gift that will stand out and show the person receiving it that you really care! “In a world that is growing increasingly more impersonal and distant, muffymade adds an extra touch of attention, affection and humour to everyday communication and the gift-giving experience. The popular, signature-styled designs are made using the highest quality materials and create an affordable way for customer’s ideas to enter the unique world of muffymade with fully customizable products. I recently sent off two pictures to have made into a custom muffymade graphic, and LOVE what she made!
How cute is Lyric’s lil Buzz Lightyear?! And I love that my camera is there too! If you head over to you may notice it doesn’t have too much information on their products, but while their main site is under construction, they have this AMAZING colouring page up! It was honestly too much fun to play around with! With their tagline being “Pop Your Colour” it encourages you to “Be bright. Be creative. Be original”, and that is EXACTLY what this company is all about! In the meantime, if you’d like your own custom graphic, send an email to the muffymade team at, I promise you won’t be disappointed! This lifestyle line has perfect gift items for every occasion. From weddings and birthdays, to graduations and simple thank-yous, muffymade has you covered. Be sure to check them out on Pinterest to see a ton of their custom designs and get some creative ideas for your own gifts!
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