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If there’s one thing I will freely admit, it’s that I have a shopping problem. I just can’t resist clothes for Lyric! They’re all soo cute and small and fun and now, stylish! I know all you moms-of-boys are out there thinking, “ya, cute and stylish stuff for GIRLS.”. Boys’ clothes has come a LONG way, and I’m finding more and more ways to create style out of Lyric’s wardrobe. Seeing as there are so many ways of styling all over printed shirts, I have actually enjoyed seeing what I could pair my kids’ clothes with. It wasn’t as hard as I initially thought, but that what’s fun about fashion. Now, if there’s something else about me, it’s that I like a good deal, you will always find me in the clearance section first! I currently have bins of clothes for Lyric up to size 10 (he’s 3), no joke. HAHA! I told you.. it’s a problem! One of my FAVOURITE stores to shop for him is, hands down, H&M. Their clothes are extremely reasonably priced and CRAZY stylish! I have been known to drive hours just to shop at H&M! (hallelujah we FINALLY got one here in Ottawa!)

When Julio Reyes of FASHIONIGHTS and I spoke about the possibility of a shoot styled by him, H&M was almost a given. He pulled a bunch of different looks and went to town dressing and changing and styling Lyric. I have to admit, there were a couple looks that I wouldn’t have pulled, but once put on I loooved! We ended up with 8 different pieces, including hat and shoes, for 6 different looks! Uhm.. WHA?! Now THAT is how you shop!



Most of these pieces are quite standard in a boys’ closet, but knowing how to pair them up and style them is a skill. Check out the photos below and see how Julio created 6 different looks.


[Look #1/2: Faux leather jacket, plaid shirt (worn with and without tie), knit skinny jeans & white high-top sneakers.]



[Look #3: Graphic T, plaid shirt worn open, knit skinny jean, white high-top sneakers, snap-back; stylist’s own.]



[Look #4: Plaid shirt worn layered with grey t-shirt, knit skinny jeans, white high top sneakers.]


look5[Look #5: Grey tshirt layered over navy blue graphic tshirt, plaid shirt, knit skinny jeans]



[Look #6: Navy blue graphic t-shirt layered under grey t-shirt, grey sweatpants, plaid shirt tied around waist & Run DMC snap back.]


How much FUN is that?? Lyric looked so stinkin cute! Be sure to check out Julio’s post on FASHIONIGHTS for his take on kids’ style! Now, remember how I like a good deal? How about I share one with you? From now until September 2, 2014, get 20% off your entire kids purchase! It’s back-to-school time, and what better time to spice up your lil one’s wardrobe and do it on a budget! Tweet me @amandahayden and @HMCanada with your favourite back to school looks! I love seeing inspiration in everyone’s style!

Photos by: Amanda Hayden Photography

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