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Food & Wine | iCoffee is changing the way you make and enjoy coffee at home

There is nothing like sipping a coffee in a café in the hustle and bustle of the city you live. But there is something comforting about making a cup of coffee at home and sipping it in your own space. But which home brewing machine do you pick when everyone is making the “best machine” on the market? I recently had the chance to try out The new iCoffee by Remington and I have to say, I have never found a system quite like it.

“According to inventor Bruce Burrows, iCoffee took seven years and over 1,257 prototypes to perfect.” The dedication to the perfect cup of jo with every home brew is something that speaks to me. I am what some people might call a caffeine-aholic, and I do not take my coffee lightly. Bold, beautiful and bustling with flavour, each cup of brewed iCoffee is masterfully representative of the new technology in this beautiful machine and the beans you put into it.

So, what makes this brewing system so unique? “The SteamBrew™ jets first pre-steam the coffee and then stir the coffee throughout the brewing process so each of the coffee grounds is completely suspended and surrounded by hot water at the perfect brewing temperature.” Not only does this new technology offer a better representation of the coffee flavours and eliminate paper filters, it also allows you to use less coffee with each brew. To me, that’s a win win situation.


With in store or online availability here, if you are in the market for a new home brewing system The iCoffee machine is definitely one to consider. Be it its sleek design or the fact that i stands for innovation, come “see and taste what you’ve been missing.”

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Daniel Desforges

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