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With the advance of iPhone & iPad apps, involvement with the brands and experiences we all have on a day to day basis is becoming more focused on the consumer and what they have to say. As a Food & Wine fan, interacting with the brands and partnerships I love is an important part of my blogger life. But what about what all of you have to say about the wine you drink and enjoy? Lucky for us, Quini has launched its new wine tasting and rating app for the masses.

The hard part these days with so many choices and opinions on the internet is who do you turn to to help you make an informed decision on your next wine purchase? Although I would love if it was always me, the reality is that if I tried a new wine every day for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t even come close to being a master of all wine.

Quini’s new app makes the decision process so much easier. For the everyday wine lover, the app offers you easy wine tasting tips and the reviews on the wines you see in front of you when making your decisions for that dinner party or romantic evening for two. “Quini allows wine experts, enthusiasts and novices to review and rate wines with greater detail than ever before, setting a new industry standard.”


I am true believer that wine is meant to be explored and experienced. In an industry which can be a bit daunting, this new app is one way to help you learn and live a wine lover’s dream. And did I mention the best part? The app is completely free! As you use the app, it actually will use the information you provide to make predictions on wines you should try next.  As you learn, so does the app, and to me this makes this new wine tool one of the best out there. Simple, easy to use and educational, this app ranks high in my opinion and is a go to on my iPad on a regular basis.


So there is no reason why you can’t join the discussion and tell me and all Quini App users what wines you love and what wines you don’t. Make sure to tweet @DoTheDaniel & @QuiniWine to tell us your thoughts on the app and what wines it helps you fall in love with.

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.

Photos by : Quini


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