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It’s a recurring theme for … Coffee. Without it, I don’t think I would have survived the amount of work it takes to build and maintain the site alongside the #DoTheDaniel ladies. Over the holiday season, while we visited my family in Ottawa, there was 1 place I absolutely had to visit. Quitters Coffee, the latest venture of Canadian songstress turned small business owner, opened its doors in Stittsville, Ontario this year. It’s definitely my favourite coffee shop of 2014 & is sure to be yours upon your next visit.

I still remember the first time I heard “Back To Me” and the moment I realized she was one of my new favourites. The single introduced me to this artist and got me hooked to her unique music, voice, style and quirky personality. I was fan that very first moment.

Kathleen Edwards has been one of my favourite Canadian artists for a very long time as you can tell. I thought she might react badly while I stood in a busy line in her beautiful new space if I told her that I own all her albums and even have an autographed photo of her hanging in my wall alongside other famous Canadian musicians such as Jann Arden, Sarah Harmer & Hawksley Workman… I would sound like a stalker, but I am just a big fan and supporter. I swear.

Funny enough, now that I think about it, I think a lot of Canadian musicians might think that of me. I am the person who gets excited about The Junos each year and buys most Canadian music made because I believe that we are one of the best countries in the world for music. We have produced countless icons and continue to do so in light of an industry that is more about pre-packaging and A&R than true grit & talent. THAT says something about what it means to be Canadian.




The reason why Quitters Coffee is so aptly named is based upon the fact that Kathleen famously quit the music industry to pursue this dream and open a local coffee shop in her hometown. For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to visit Stittsville, there’s not much to it. It’s quaint, and beautiful and has the perfect amount of small town charm while being close enough to Ottawa for those city folk out there like myself. The addition of the coffee shop has certainly brought buzz back to the neighbourhood. Based upon my recent visit, we were lucky to find space to sit down since it was so busy and buzzing with locals and tourists alike.

The interior is simple and cozy with modern light fixtures and varying seating arrangements. Kathleen & her staff seem to know each and every local that walks through the doors. She greets most of them with a hug, a kiss or a familiar smile. The experience from start to finish felt like you were visiting a friend and being welcomed into their home. This, to me, is the perfect definition of a small business and what it should be like for the customer.

With an ever expanding menu including all your caffeinated needs, fresh baked goods, breakfast sandwiches that sell out if you don’t get there early and maybe even some fresh pressed juices coming permanently in the new year, Quitters Coffee is that local hangout that you just need to experience to understand.

With the coy tagline on social media “Smiles are free. Complaints not accepted.”, this local coffee shop is a must in my books. From the cheeky attitude to the delicious coffee, it’s one of those places that could quickly become a habit. Alas, until a second one opens in Toronto, I will have to keep it to a local hangout when I am in the Ottawa area and would recommend you do the same. Be it for the fact that you love her music, that you want to support local or that you just need a good cup of coffee, Quitters Coffee is the place to be and it’s just that simple.

To see what I mean, make sure to follow @QuittersCoffee on Twitter & Instragram. “Like” their Facebook page here to follow along with one of the most hilarious open conversations on social media that I have seen between a business and its loyal clientele in a long time.


Though it makes me a little sad to know that Kathleen isn’t a part of the industry I love anymore, it does make me so happy to see her dreams coming true and succeeding. Quitters Coffee is something you simply won’t want to quit once you’ve experienced it for yourself and you absolutely MUST tag @DoTheDaniel on Twitter & Instagram the next time you’re in for a visit to share with us your favourite part.

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Photos: Quitters Coffee, Daniel Desforges & Julio Reyes


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