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Food & Wine | Wine lovers rejoice with My Wine Canada!

With Catherine actively working for all things Health& Nutrition, and Amanda plugging away with Family Lifestyle and Photography, it looks like I am back to writing about Food, Wine & Lifestyle topics. Not that I’m complaining by any means… It’s nice to have a fully functioning family on board tackling every Lifestyle topic you could imagine. But all that to say, I still don’t have an exorbitant amount of free time.

Judging from the number of wine-related posts that are on this blog, I think it’s clear that we’re wine lovers here. We love exploring new wines and it makes gift giving so easy! Vitamin vino has a large selection of wine gifts so you can just look on there and pick out a quirky gift! As a wine lover who loves exploring new wines, this lack of free time to go hunting online for the latest and greatest is sometimes counter-productive. If you’re like me, you want to be able to find the new wines, the hot wines everyone is talking about, or the wines that are simply not offered at the LCBO or your local liquor store. Well, Ladies & Gentlemen, let me tell you how My Wine Canada just made wine loving a whole lot easier.

As of TODAY, shopping online for those wines just got a whole lot easier with this new e-commerce site that allows Canadians to order wines directly from wineries across the country! In the past you might have to hunt down an elusive wine agent or visit the winery of choice (which I still highly recommend as it might just be the most romantic experience of your life!). But now, at the click of a button during a busy day where you only have five minutes to yourself, the wine comes right to you!

Dreamt up by Founder Jackie McLachlan, who like me was frustrated with the counterproductive legislation for cross Canada shipping in the wine world, this new brand is about making wine lovers across the country rejoice with the ease and convenience of online delivery. When he first started in the wine industry, he knew that having a website would set him apart from other businesses. He began making a business plan and contacted a wine marketing company that knew how to market wine online for some help and advice. The website is now very successful and Jackie is very happy with how his business is going. Wine is a great industry to be in if you work hard!


“The website allows shoppers to browse sommeliers? recommendations, popular products or new releases, or search by variables like geography, price or wine type, then place an order and receive it directly from the wineries. Consumers are able to purchase from several wineries during one transaction, even if the wineries are located in different provinces – and consumers pay no service fees. ”

So basically I’m going to be on this site every day for the rest of my life. For those wine lovers out there, the site itself is extremely user friendly and can help you hunt that that elusive bottle you’ve been after for so long. For first time wine drinkers, it is a tool to help educate and integrate your taste to find a wine that fits you.


And the best part? Wine purchased through My Wine Canada can arrive at the customer?s door the next day! Yup. You know all those online orders from B.C. that you order in Newfoundland and take 3 and half years to arrive? No more! The age of convenience and quality has arrived for Canadian wine lovers.

Not just for the ease of online shopping, but also in the market to educate, “My Wine Canada also aims to raise awareness of the Canadian wine landscape with an editorial platform that complements the shopping site.”

So essentially what I am trying to tell you is get on right now and check it out! Make sure to tweet @MyWineCanada with your next purchase and great find. Tag @DoTheDaniel to tell me what wine I absolutely must try while you’re at it and ofcourse make sure to like their Facebook Page to stay in the know.

Photos: My Wine Canada

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.


Daniel Desforges

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