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Sometimes I’m so busy that I completely forget to eat.  And listen, I LOOOOVE food.  Like, if a kid was taunting me in the school yard saying things like “well if you love food so much, why don’t you just MARRY it?!”  I’d be like, “first off, it’s really not nice to bully people, kid.  Second, go get my dress, let’s do this bitches.”

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m not always the “ideal” Nutritionist.  I should be consciously taking the time to make sure that I’m actually eating, even if I’m so busy that I can barely think straight sometimes (actually, especially then).  But, that’s just not always reality.  Taking a minute out of your day to disconnect, grab something healthy and actually eat is so important and often taken for granted when it comes to how much it can affect your overall health.

But here’s the next problem.  What’s a “healthy on-the-go” snack?  I’d like to bet that most people don’t troll through the aisles of grocery stores reading food labels for fun like I do (yeah, I’m also a lot of fun on dates).  Most people see something that looks like it might be healthy, grab it and shove it into their faces.  BAM!  Well, a lot of labels state words like “healthy” or “contains (insert vitamin, mineral, omega something something here)”.  This isn’t meant to make your life easier, this is meant to make THEM more money.  It’s called marketing.

Here’s a general rule for you when it comes to healthy snacking.  The less ingredients something has in it, the better.  Can you also pronounce said ingredients?  Score!  Stick it into your face hole and scoff it down, baby.  Real, healthy, whole foods need little to no advertising.  They don’t need to claim their health benefits like they’ve been added in, because they’re just already in there.


My newest, and probably favourite, new convenient food trend these days is the invention of wholefood bars.  Ones that I can easily pick up and throw into my purse when I’m running around all over town forgetting to eat.  Then, when reaching for my lipgloss (cause I never forget to do that apparently), I accidentally grab one and remember that I need to eat it.  Bonus, now I can look pretty and I’m well fed at the same time.  I smell an infomercial guys…

With TIFF 2014 starting, Eat Nākd has jumped on board with this trend to make sure that everyone is well fed.  Their bars are made from a cold-pressed mix of nuts and fruits all smooshed together.  That’s it, that’s all, folks!  Cold-pressing allows for less nutrient damage so that you’re still getting as many fresh enzymes as possible during the processing.

They’re wheat, dairy and gluten-free so no need to worry if you have allergies, sensitivities or intolerances to those common offenders.  They’re also raw and vegan.  No sugars or syrups have been added either, just pure natural flavours.  Ahhhh, that’s my kind of taste!  So next time you’re looking for a “healthy on-the-go” snack, why not just eat it naked… oops, I meant Eat Nākd (but really, you can still eat it naked if you want to, I won’t judge).


Join the Wholefoods Revolution by eating better, looking better and FEELING better!

Natural Balance Foods is a young British company devoted to increasing world happiness with delicious and healthy snacks, humour and helpfulness. The company’s celebrated Eat Nākd bars are a perfect solution for those who want to replace over-processed foods with more nourishing wholefoods. As champions of the benefits of raw, natural and unprocessed foods, Eat Nākd is making the move to wholefoods easier than ever for health-conscious snackers. For additional information, visit or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter @nakd.

Photos: Eat NākdNKPR & Catherine Sugrue 

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  1. James says:

    Hi do you know where I can buy these bars by the box?