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Health & Nutrition | MIYU | A Beautiful Way to Relieve Stress

Review by Catherine’s Cabinet

Stress is an epidemic. It leaves a path of destruction on the inside of your body that ultimately ends up showing up on the outside in many different ways. There are a plethora of methods to aid in coping with stress, whether it be physical activity, meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, lifestyle changes, herbal medicine or very personally tailored approaches. Stress is a root core issue that always needs to be addressed from within. It’s a vicious cycle that will continue to wreak havoc on your body if you don’t work on curbing it. If you’re trying to relieve your stress through different methods, you may want to try using CBD, you might want to look at these Pure Green Living CBD tincture reviews. There are lots of ways to consume cannabis, for example through water bongs too. If you can’t seem to access any cannabis, you could always consider growing some of your own. Whilst this might sound difficult, it could actually be quite straightforward if you do some research online beforehand. Once you’re ready to grow your own plant, you could look at the marijuana seeds at, for example. That way, you would be able to lower your stress.

When I’m stressed, I shove a TON of chocolate and coffee into my face (oh my poor adrenal glands). Now this is obviously not a good coping mechanism, but in the moment I am happy regardless of the long term negative effects it may cause (hi, I’m still human). Stress causes nasty side effects that we generally neglect until they’re basically staring back at us in the mirror, for example the ever growing bags under my eyes.

Inflammation is caused by high levels of a hormone called Cortisol which is increased in the body when it’s under stress. As our society is in a constant state of high performance, the body’s stress response is activated so often that it doesn’t always have a chance to revert to normal, thus resulting in chronic stress. Do you have a lovely ring of belly fat hanging around your midsection and abdomen? Guess who may be responsible for that too? YEP, high levels of Cortisol caused by stress.

This hormone can lead to skin irritation and may also shorten the lifespan of our skin cells – don’t worry, your skin won’t disappear, but it won’t look as lovely as you’d like it to. Well, what can we do? Combined with stress relieving techniques and eating clean, we can reach for quality natural skin products that will help with the integrity of our skin. One of these product lines is MIYU (pronounced mee-you). Their beauty products combine the latest scientific advances with ancient Chinese beauty wisdom to create skin care that pairs with their herbal teas, thus addressing the adverse effects of stress on the skin from the inside out. Additionally, many people like to look into supplements and skin creams that help them to have better skin, from companies such as beverly hills md and many more, that create products aiming to give the skin a younger and brighter look.

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Seriously, they came up with the genius idea of a skin care routine that works on the inside and the outside at the same time? This deserves some serious credit. I am already practicing this theory on a daily basis, but having one product that acts synergistically on both is a total bonus! I was lucky enough to try their De-Stress Mi Pairing. Each of their sets includes a tea and a beauty essence, which is a hybrid of a facial mist and serum. Their formulas are free from parabens, phtalates, sulphates and synthetic fragrances and dyes. This means they can deliver the most natural but least harmful products possible.

So, what’s in MIYU and why does it work? It was founded in 2003 by Canadian Connie Tai as a result of her extensive education and research combined with her personal struggles with her skin. Using her father’s background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she has tailored her products to reflect some of those philosophies. MIYU was created as a way to nourish the skin from within in order to serve as a complement to an already healthy lifestyle.

Their products contain three signature ingredients: green tea for skin protection, white peony for radiance and pearl for preservation of youth. The De-Stress Mi Beauty Essence provides calmness to the skin by combining peppermint, dandelion, ginger, licorice and honeysuckle to combat free radicals and repair the barrier function of the skin. It may sound tasty but this isn’t the edible portion of this pairing, it’s the food for the skin! It is paired with the De-Stress Mi Beauty Tea which is an earthy blend of licorice, chamomile blossoms and peppermint. All three of these herbs are used in the treatment of anxiety and stress. Peppermint aids in releasing tension and soothing the gut. Chamomile is a known natural relaxant but it also has anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Licorice is a detoxifier and is used in many herbal formulas to harmonize the effects of other herbs. This tea is delicious, caffeine-free and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

de-stress mi pairing 2

MIYU has some of the most beautiful marketing and packaging I’ve ever seen. Everything is so well thought out, down to the finest detail. Just holding the products in my hands makes me realize how disorganized and messy I really am (no, wait I already knew this). Their branding is so elegant and feminine, leaving me with a feeling of utter luxury. Who doesn’t want to feel like their being pampered while in the comforts of their own home? Rarely do we equate the word “stress” with elegance, but MIYU has achieved this.

MIYU has a philosophy which is broken down into 3 beliefs and I want to share these with you because I think they’re absolutely perfect:

  1. Beauty is a lifestyle;
  2. Complexions are nurtured from within;
  3. The secret to everlasting beauty is happiness.

So now it’s time to calm down, relax and find your own beautiful personal way to de-stress or you will pay the price on the inside and OUT!

MIYU is now now available at Anthropologie!

Photos: MIYU

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2 Responses to Health & Nutrition | MIYU | A Beautiful Way to Relieve Stress

  1. brittany says:

    gorgeous packaging! wow!

  2. I recently made a purchase at Rolling Ace and was very impressed with the cash I was able to save. I’d highly recommend checking out their bundles here and enjoying the discounts. If you’re like me and smoke a lot then the bulk order and savings are worth it.