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Health & Nutrition | Soul 7 | OMG how are your chakras?

Review by Catherine’s Cabinet

There was a time in my life when I thought that people who spoke of “energies” and “chakras” were absolutely coo-coo banana crackers. I remember feeling uncomfortable when anyone around me talked about spirituality or connecting themselves to the earth. But, there’s also something that I was taught at a very a young age – if it makes you uncomfortable, pursue it, face it head on and then grow from the experience, whether good or bad.

So, I spent years exploring my spirituality because it scared me. I questioned everything around me until I eventually felt that I was in a good space energetically. In all honesty, I’m still learning every day. Let me clarify that when I say “spirituality”, I don’t necessarily mean “religion”. It has a different and very personal meaning to each and every one of us. Flash forward to present day and now I’m the one talking about energies and chakras (and yes now people think I’m bonkers and I can’t help but love it).

Last year, I was afforded the opportunity to explore this further when I attended The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. This allowed me to truly experience some of the benefits of energy healing. So, when I heard that there was a new mindful healing clinic opening up in Toronto, I immediately jumped on the chance to give it a whirl.


Soul 7 is an exclusive wellness and relaxation centre with a focus on Mind/Body Balancing Technologies.” With a focus on energy balancing therapies, their revolutionary healing technologies can aid in boosting the immune system and in enhancing overall physical, emotional and mental health.

Soul 7 delivers powerful and fast relief for chronic anxiety, memory-loss and pain including back pain, headaches and fibromyalgia, without pills or surgery. Our Technologies also accelerate recovery from acute sport and other injuries, often in one or two sessions. For the first time in North America, Soul 7 has combined ancient healing wisdom with state-of-the-art European Healing Therapies which we call Mindful Healing Technologies. The result is a return to your natural energy flow and the balance of Mind, Body and Soul you were born with.”


Upon arrival at the clinic for my first session, I was greeted with some intense but invigorating energy. I was immediately drawn to the beautiful crystals decorating the rooms, each adding their own unique healing purpose. I sat down for a one-on-one consolation with Bob who is one of the founders, with the purpose to gauge what type of healing would best suit my needs. Instead, we spent most of the time having a Holistic-Nerd Session. I asked him a MILLION hippy-type-weird-crystal-energy questions (yes, I just made that a thing) to which he enthusiastically answered in great scientifically-based fact detail and even took me around to each room to show me how each technology worked. He told me about the different crystals, how they worked, and what they represented. I can’t really go into a lot of detail here, or else you would be reading forever, so you can find out more from this website if you are interested. If it is something that intrigues you or if you want to begin your own spiritual journey, it’s a good place to start.


When it was time to start my therapy, I was already in a great place energetically just from being in the space (yes, I do that a lot everywhere I go). I spent the next half-hour in a complete zen-like state while the Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy worked it’s magic on my body. Light and sound surrounded me while the energy pulsed throughout my whole body, sending me on an emotional and physical journey. Once my session was complete, I felt like a new woman and was ready to take on the rest of my day.


Daniel and Julio also attended a session together in order to expand their minds and try a new approach to health (I guess I’m a positive influence on them sometimes). As a team, we all love and support each other collectively, but we’re also friends. So at times, they like to poke fun at my weird hippy ways…but I love it. When Julio asked me about Chakras, I tried my best to explain how they are 7 spinning energy centres in our body where energy flows – without sounding like I was speaking a different language altogether. Daniel on the other hand, has always been quite intuitive and connected energetically, so he had an intensely emotional experience during his session… which was no surprise to me.


Ultimately, everyone is on their own unique journey to health. The Holistic approach, being used by Soul 7, stimulates the mind, body and spirit in order to ensure that optimal health goals are met. Allowing yourself to connect these dots will bring a broader spectrum of healing. If you haven’t done any energy healing before, I implore you to at least give it a try. You never know how good it might feel to balance those Chakras!! In the words of Julio “OMG sooooo gooooood”.

Want to learn more about Chakras? Click here for a basic beginners guide.

Photos: Soul 7 & Catherine Sugrue

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  1. Jhoei says:

    At first, I don’t believe in chakras but after reading several articles about it, I am beginning to understand what it is all about. It’s nice to know that there are places like this where you can meditate and visit your chakras.

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