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Health & Nutrition | Triumph | Happy 100th Anniversary to my Ta-Ta’s Best Friend!

Review by Catherine’s Cabinet

Here’s what I know about bras: I definitely need one, I wear one and it’s the first thing I take off when I get home from a long day. I have perfected the removal of my bra without even taking off my shirt (you know what I’m talking about ladies). But do you know what wearing the right bra can do for your health? Well, I recently found out so now I’m here to share in the wealth of knowledge. Let me educate you and your lovely lady lumps.

The idea of shopping for a bra used to send me into a full on rage. I equate it with the experience of finding the right pair jeans or shopping for a swimsuit – always a HUGE mission with rarely a good outcome. Women come in all different shapes and sizes which only highlights the importance of making sure you find the right bra to suit your needs.

Besides, we all deserve to feel like one of the most beautiful strippers in North Carolina once in a while, right? I know for a fact that when I am wearing the sexiest lingerie I own that I feel so much more confident. After all, wearing the right bra boosts not only my cleavage but my self-esteem too.

Companies like Triumph have been helping women do this for a century now. Founded in 1886, their goal of helping women to find their perfect fit has made them a leader in the industry. Why do we need to find the right fit anyways? Why can’t we just find a pretty little sexy bra we like (or in my case, whatever is clean at the moment) and just wear that regardless of the fit? Okay you’ll probably look cute but what is it actually doing to your body in the long run?

Breasts are held by ligaments which connect them to muscles. These ligaments stretch and can weaken over time, causing sagging. This is natural and very normal, be it on someone like Chloe Lloyd naked on cam or doing some lesbian thing having a slight sag, or the everyday woman. Bras won’t stop this inevitable occurrence. Sidebar, I turned 30 last year and it was quite frightening for me. But I think my boobs were more scared of my age because now they try to hide in my armpits. Too much info? Too bad, it’s my thing.

Posture and back support are HUGE when it comes to wearing the right bra. You can be doing a lot of perpetually occurring damage over time if you’re not taking care of this issue. When your bra is ill-fitted, it can dig in, rub you the wrong way and frankly just make you uncomfortable (just like some of my ex boyfriends). Overall, not having the right bra can affect your confidence, performance, and add fuel to some serious body issues.

Did you know that Triumph has discovered that 76% of the world’s ladies are wearing the wrong size bra?? Holy bananas, that’s a lot of boobies not being treated right! This year, Triumph is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the bra with their iconic and sexy Armourette set which can be found at select Hudson’s Bay locations. They have also kicked off the “Stand Up for Fit” campaign aiming to fit 100,000 women worldwide.


Following their step by step guide, which literally takes 5 minutes, I found my true bra size and was outfitted with a sexy new lingerie set. It fits like a dream and NO you can’t see me wearing it, this is the wrong website for that, if you want to see women wearing sexy lingerie sets you might want to go visit somewhere like Click here for their super simple fitting guide where you’ll find it’s really easy to discover what size you actually should be wearing!

I want my bra to fit but I want to feel sexy while wearing it too. No need to compromise here folks. You have plenty of choice with Triumph. They’ve managed to merge the idea of finding the right fit and looking like a bonafide hottie at the same time! Everyone deserves to feel as sexy as a collegeporn star after all. Ultimately what it comes down to is being able to embrace your body, no matter what the shape or the size is, and doing whatever you can to suit its needs.

Photos: Triumph & Catherine Sugrue

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