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Lifestyle | Allure Body Bar | The Mighty Quickzillian

Review by Catherine’s Cabinet 

What in the world does a Holistic Nutritionist do when she is asked to write a review about waxing?  Well, she straps on her big girl panties (or takes them off), jumps feet first and takes care of her business.  I did it, ladies and gentleman.  I went in full force on what is called the “Quickzillian” at Allure Body BarWhy?  Because I will try anything once (Oh dear… don’t hold me to that).

The word “Holistic” means dealing with the whole life, every aspect of wellbeing and health.  I know it’s a bit un-granola of me to not let the natural, beautiful hair on my lady junk grow long wild and free but I am an advocate for doing whatever you feel needs to be done in order to take care of yourself as an individual.  This varies from person to person and I am not one to ever judge.  Empowering yourself, especially as a woman, means to have a choice about what you do (or don’t do) with your own body.

How much you remove or leave behind is always up to you.  Some of the advantages of waxing vs shaving are less in-grown hairs, longer periods of time in between hair removal and overall smoother softer skin.  Let me tell you, if I can actually squeeze my butt into a bikini this summer, at least there won’t be any embarrassing sneaky hair moments (I can’t guarantee that the rest of me will look okay though).


So, let me tell you about my experience at Allure Body Bar.  When I walked in, filled with apprehension and ready to BRING ON THE PAAAAIN, I was greeted by a lovely woman named Alaa.  She was warm, inviting and looked genuinely happy to see me.  This was a huge relief considering how (ahem) uncomfortable this experience can be.  I followed her into the room where I feared my impending doom, but was surprised when she calmly explained that I can take my time getting ready and comfortable and that she would be back in a minute to get started.

The decor of the room was the first thing that struck me.  Words like “pain is just weakness leaving your body” was beautifully hand painted on the walls and the room smelled like fresh lavender and citrus.  I disrobed and laid down on the bed, feeling relaxed and zen.  I did NOT expect this, at all.  When Alaa returned, we chatted, joked around and she genuinely put me at ease.  Okay, so obviously it wasn’t pain-free.  This isn’t something we can avoid here my friends.  But the way I was treated, the professionalism that was exerted and the overall end results were absolutely worth it.

She finished off the waxing by spraying my downstairs with Witch Hazel.  YES!  I am ALL OVER THAT!  I almost squealed with glee when she told me to feel free to use some of their natural essential oil-based moisturizing creams.  I thought maybe I would be walking into a chemical crap-storm, but this was ticking all the right boxes for me (excuse the pun).

I was in and out in 15 minutes flat.  This included me taking my time getting ready, the waxing, the aftercare explanation and chatting to Alaa afterwards.  Being on the Danforth, and a 2 minute walk from the nearest subway station, this is the waxing experience for the busy Torontonain!

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