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Lifestyle | Green Living Show 2014

Review by Catherine’s Cabinet

What does it mean to live “green”?  Well, this really varies from person to person.  From big changes to small ones that can have the same impact on the world on a daily basis.  What living “green” means to me is making sure that the footprints I leave on this earth are respectful ones.  It is my responsibility as a Holistic Nutritionist to exemplify wholeness and oneness within the health industry.  

Now, here comes the fun part of all that for me.  Yes, I still get to cram healthy raw chocolate truffles into my face, but I also get to take part in inspirational events where like-minded people come together to celebrate and/or educate themselves and others on what it means to them to live “green”.  I was lucky enough to represent my school last year at The Green Living Show.  This year, I get to be a part of the experience again, but from a different perspective.

Every year, thousands of people get together to attend this premier eco and health event to try products, watch demos, talk to their favourite people or brands, purchase unique products, services and more!  Even if you’re not generally into this scene, I would urge you to come to the event with me so I, alongside many others, can help by answering questions and really just have a good time trying something new and exciting!  I am an advocate for making the journey to health a fun ride!

This year at The Green Living Show, you can expect a myriad of different exhibitors.  There are 5 exciting stages with celebrity guest speakers, a Youth Day, culinary experiences, fashion & beauty, the Canadian Green Car Award and so much more!  My favourite part is trying out all of the different types of food and beauty products.  I love walking up to an exhibitor and feeling like I received the full experience of what they have to offer.  This never fails me at this annual show.

Who’s going to be there?  Among the 20+ speakers, author and founder of Pure + Simple Canadian Spa, Kristen Ma will be there talking beauty tips.  The handsome and talented Dr. Bryce Wylde will be chatting about Power Plants (not the stinky factory kind, the natural ACTUAL plants).  On a mission to de-mystify gluten-free, Joy McCarthy always makes sure we’re well informed and smiling along the way.  One of my personal favourites, Julie Daniluk will be there showing us how to shed some pounds while healing our bodies.  For the full line up and more, be sure to check out The Green Living Show website!

So join me from April 25th to April 27th at the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place!  Heck, I want you to come along with us so bad that I’m willing to give you a discount if you purchase your tickets through #DoTheDaniel.  All you have to do is click HERE and you will save $2.00 on the original price of your ticket purchase exclusively with


Luckily, two of you will win two tickets each to the Green Living Show 2014!  Simply tweet the following to be entered into the contest to win a pair of two tickets:

“Dear @CNSugrue, I want to go green with @GreenLivingPage and! #DoTheDaniel #GreenLivingMachine”

Oh and that’s not all my friends.  We have a $100 gift certificate for Rowe Farms up for grabs too!  Simply comment on the blog post below with what going green means to you and why you would love to win a gift certificate to this amazing company.  Rowe Farms provides quality meats with a conscience, sticking with a strict farming model to ensure that all parties involved in the process are obtaining the best value and product.

Winners will be chosen at random on Friday April 18th 2014 at 5pmEST.


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15 Responses to Lifestyle | Green Living Show 2014

  1. Rachelle says:

    Going green means supporting local businesses and farmers. Rowe Farms is one such business and I try to support them whenever I can.

  2. Brigitte says:

    To me, being green means walking/biking or taking public transportation. And Rowe Farms is such a great company. I love how they adhere to sustainable farming.

  3. Peter says:

    To me, going green means composting, recycling all that I can, and repurposing items. I’d love to win the Rowe Farms certificate because I love the high quality chicken they produce.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Going green means turning the heat down at night or when no one is home. And Rowe Farms does farming right way, raising their animals without using antibiotics and growth-promoting hormones.

  5. riemill says:

    Going green means retrofitting my shower heads with watersaving devices. Also, sending big love to Rowe Farms. Their grass fed beef is so tender and flavourful!

  6. Alison W. says:

    Going green means thinking beyond myself and more about ALL living things. I’d like to win the certificate because there’s been so much media lately about the poor treatment of animals in the meat industry and I’ve realized it’s time to change the way I buy meat!

  7. morriyum says:

    When I upgraded my appliances (stove, fridge, washing machine), I went with energy efficient ones. The GC to Rowe farms would be great! Their eggs are the best!

  8. rollsersing says:

    Going green mean leaving the planet as I found it (or hopefully BETTER than that!) As I’ve learned more about how much of the meat found in stores are loaded with hormones and antibiotics, I’ve switched to purchasing meat that free of them, like those produced by Rowe Farms.

  9. lunastel1 says:

    I use a clothesline indoors/outdoors to dry my clothes in the winter/summer = GOING GREEN.

    I was first introduced to Rowe Farms products by a friend a couple years ago and I’ve haven’t looked back since. Their products are far superior than other brands. I’d love to win and use the gift certificate towards a wonderful Mother’s Day dinner.

  10. pestoresto says:

    Going green means washing my clothes in cold water and cooking/cleaning/etc. during nonpeak hours. The Rowe Farms gift certificate would be great because I’d like to support their sustainable farming endeavour.

  11. suevogues says:

    Going green to me means conserving energy. e.g., I plug my TV, DVD, etc. into a power bar and then switch off the power bar when I switch off the TV. I’d love to win the Rowe Farms GC because I met someone of the farmers at last year’s GLS and they are so passionate about their sustainable farming model.

  12. sslindt says:

    Going green to me means trying to do the best that I can not to waste anything! And sending much love to Rowe Farms. They have quality product and very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

  13. veeships says:

    Going green to me means minimizing waste, minimizing my fuel consumption, and overall minimizing my negative impact on the environment. I would love to win the GC for Rowe Farms because they are proponents of animal welfare.

  14. Hi All, thanks so much for commenting on this post! I absolutely ADORE all of your Going Green tips! The contest is now closed, a winner has been randomly chosen and I will be emailing them RIGHT away! Please check your junk mail. If you have not received an email from me, thank you for your entry and stay tuned for upcoming contests on, there are some REALLY good ones coming up!!! xx Catherine Sugrue, CNP