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They say to better understand someone, you should try walking a mile in their shoes. I guess that mile wouldn’t be so bad if you chose to walk mine since I usually choose to wear the latest & greatest from New Balance Canada. I recently attended The New Balance Media Preview Day (Follow the #NBMediaPreviewDay hashtag for all our adventures) to see what this amazing company has in store for us.

Although I couldn’t possibly tell you about every item I had the chance to preview, trust me when I say that alongside the longer days and warmer nights, New Balance Canada has got something for every kind of person out there. From head to toe, and most importantly for me, the soles of your feet New Balance Canada is my choice for fitness wear and workout apparel.  Did I mention that if the classics aren’t for you, you can customize your own?  To say New Balance Canada is taking bold new steps would be an understatement and I can’t wait!

Alongside an amazing new campaign, my favourite product is now available globally.  My personal choice for running shoe after the preview? THE brand new Fresh Foam #980. The solid foam sole has had countless hours of research put into it and sets the bar high for running technology. Solid support and quality that is unparalleled in the industry, the shoe is not only functional but extremely fashionable! The choices are endless and so are the miles once you lace up your new pair. A beautiful pair of shoes always helps to motivate you to take that first step to a healthier you and live a better lifestyle.


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Daniel Desforges