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I love the idea of fashion as a lifestyle in the fact that you can pick and choose your clothing to best suit who you are. Take me for example, I switch my clothes to adapt to my day to day.  I work a 9-5 job and then lead the life of a blogger from 5-whatever it takes. I require a vast wardrobe to keep up with my busy life and schedule. That and of course to look good while doing it. I am after all the other half of FASHIONIGHTS.

Kind of like the idea of a paper doll (thank you Amanda for the amazing graphic above!) one of my favourite switches and addition to my personal paper doll closet is the iconic OBEY clothing. Let me tell you why adding their brand to your personal lifestyle is a great idea and how you can do it today.


When I think back to the OBEY clothing concept, I immediately think of their snapback hats. These hats have been seen around the world and are a fashion phenomena in and of themselves. What I love about the brand is that although it embodies youthfulness it isn’t so young that I am too old to wear it at 30. You all know which brands I mean and we all know that one person who is too old to wear it but does anyways. I believe that dressing to your lifestyle is important but you must respect who you are. Don’t try to be something you aren’t. OBEY is a great addition to my lifestyle both for its style and its adaptability. I wear it, it does not wear me.


Classically urban but not so far out there that it’s unapproachable, OBEY helps to keep me young when I add it to my daily choices in outfits. Be it for that day bumming around the house and running errands or a night out with friends, I think there is versatility in this long standing brand.

And did I mention I also support OBEY clothing because they make a difference? With the OBEY AWARENESS campaign, this brand is not only helping to make you look good, but they are also supporting major charity networks to make the world better. That to me speaks volumes on what kind of brand OBEY clothing truly is.

So if you’re like me and want to look good, feel good and play paper doll with some fashionable new wardrobe additions make sure to head to to check out the latest & greatest. Follow, tweet & instagram @OBEYclothing with your fav picks and latest additions. Tag @DoTheDaniel to show me which pieces you love most and why so that I can join in on the excitement!

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