How I’ve Helped My Hair Survive Over The Years

When it comes to personal branding, I’ve always regarded my hair as one of the ways I express myself best. From colour to cut, change in my life has been best expressed via change in my hair style. As I’ve gotten older, this of course has been something I realize hasn’t been easy on my hair health. From colour damage to drying out, I’ve thrown everything at my head and then some. But thankfully I’ve always had a secret weapon in the products I use to repair, restore and revitalize the beast on my head. Today I am finally sharing my secret!

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A How To Guide To Feeling Beautiful This Summer

I remember the first time I walked into Saks Fifth Avenue’s Toronto location at the corner of Yonge & Queen with Julio. His eyes lit up as we walked into the stores iconic fashion and beauty departments. Known for years in my mind as a destination we had to visit every time we went to NYC, it was nice to know that the brand we had respectively come to love was finally in our city. While I’ve come to memorize the space (and designer bags Julio points out to me regularly), one of the things I have come to love most about Saks is their beauty and fragrance departments. While I used to feel out of place, their associates have really helped make those topics understandable and approachable for me.

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Where You’ll Find Us This Weekend

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of attending some pretty amazing events. From hair shows to fashion weeks, food festivals to photographer meet ups around the city, there’s always something new to do in Toronto. This weekend Revel in Beauty – Powered by ABA Canada is coming to The Metro Toronto Convention Centre and I can’t wait to attend Canada’s Largest Beauty Trade Show and Conference!

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A Whole New Generation Of Beauty

I laugh at the title of this blog post because I am in fact much older than people think I am. At thirty-five, I love that I am (sometimes*) mistaken for being in my late twenties. There is something quite motivating in the compliments I receive about my skin and the confidence that it allows me, especially as someone who spends so much time in front of the camera. There is never going to be one beauty secret or product that works for everyone in the country, but I can tell you that the new line of beauty products I was introduced to earlier this year is a HUGE step in the right direction for my beauty habits at home.

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