Gifts for The Whole Family

I bet that the majority of you, whether you like to admit it or not, haven’t finished that holiday shopping. Some of you still might be struggling to come up with a gift idea to get someone. But don’t panic though, there are plenty of things that you can get people. For example, you could easily purchase a photo moon lamp if you know that they would like a unique gift. However, it doesn’t just stop there though. There are plenty of things that you can get for people. Yes, the holidays are in full swing, but thankfully I have created a list of gifts that are sure to make the whole family happy this season. From gifts for the home (goodness knows we need a few of these items) to custom photo mugs to romantic gifts that are very 2017, it’s time to wrap up your shopping list with these amazing items Best Buy Canada! Continue reading “Gifts for The Whole Family”

Travel & Lifestyle | Our Top 5 #BackToSchool items from Best Buy Canada!

So to get into the Back to School spirit, Catherine and I decided to sit down and look through our high-school yearbooks. After laughing and reminiscing at what it was like to know each other as teenagers, we found a few very special photos. What I quickly realized about myself was that I was always that student that got excited about going back to school. A new year meant a fresh start, new clothes and most importantly new gadgets! To celebrate the #BackToSchool 2016 season, I’ve partnered with Best Buy Canada to bring you my top 5 must have items. Come and see some pretty hilarious photos of us and what students this year, our opinion, must have to have the best year possible! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Our Top 5 #BackToSchool items from Best Buy Canada!”