Cancun Is Great, But Where Do The Locals Go?

Some may think that after a few years living in the Mexican Caribbean, it may get a bit steady and monotonous as most of the things to do here are “for tourists” How do we locals manage to have a “normal life” in a touristic spot?

Well, it’s pretty easy actually. I mean, everything here is as normal as you may guess; people get up early in the morning to work out, have breakfast and rush to their jobs. (Most of us do). The difference is that we happen to live next to the Caribbean sea, and surrounded by jungle, which means, it’s always hot, so we have to adapt to the weather and instead of wearing suits, we wear shorts. That’s about it. Continue reading “Cancun Is Great, But Where Do The Locals Go?”

So, Who Wants To Go To Bermuda?

I was sitting in my parent’s condo, gazing out at the water and daydreaming about travel, as I always am. But, I’m especially drawn to water. The sky was so beautiful and the clouds were a pink hue as the sun was setting.  I was enraptured by the pink clouds, which are the result of the scattering of sunlight by the atmosphere.  Looking down at my hands, they were also pink…. from the impending frostbite.  You see it was -21, before factoring in the windchill and the temperature on the 20th floor balcony (approximately -50, without a jacket, mittens and a hat). Yuck.

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Travel & Lifestyle | It’s time to get away with Catalonia Hotels & Rauxa Tulum

The summer is coming to an end, and with that, it means that it’s probably time to start thinking about a vacation. I know that I could use one! Earlier this year I had the pleasure of visiting Catalonia Hotels’ Royal Tulum with Julio and Nick to unwind and relax at one of our favourite destinations in The Caribbean. Not only did we immerse ourselves in the resort and the beauty of Mexico, but we also were some of the first people to experience the NEW Rauxa Restaurant & Show! Come and see how this experience is one you simply have to experience for yourself as soon as possible! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | It’s time to get away with Catalonia Hotels & Rauxa Tulum”

Travel & Lifestyle | When I travel, I do it in style.

For those of you who remember, earlier this year we traveled to Mexico with our friends at Booking Hello and Catalonia Hotels & Resorts. (Check out our #HelloExperience by clicking here to inspire a Mexican vacation you will love!) Well, we at it again and this time we’re headed to The Dominican Republic.

Alongside &, we will be staying at the luxurious Catalonia Royal Bavaro. I’ll be bring you our experiences over the next week every day and you can follow along with us all on social media by with the #SayHelloToLove hashtag! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | When I travel, I do it in style.”