A Truly Toronto Hotel Experience

As most of you may know, I covered the 2017 IHEARTRADIO MMVAs this year on behalf of the blog. It was honestly one of the biggest events within the media that I have had the pleasure and opportunity to attend. I was extremely excited of course, but also very stressed. Originally, I was worried about my commute as my place in Toronto is located all the way in “Narnia” (AKA by Kipling Station #humbernorthproblems). The problem with living in that area is that the commute isn’t always reliable. Sometimes it can take me 40 minutes to get downtown by transit, and other times it has taken me two hours because of traffic, delays, or other random unfortunate Toronto-related circumstances.

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Travel & Lifestyle | Ready. Set. Uniqlo.

By now you’re probably just as excited as we are for the arrival of UNIQLO to Canada – one of our favourite brands is finally setting up shop and after my recent trip to New York, I can’t WAIT to get into the new stores opening this fall (The CF Toronto Eaton Centre opens on September 30th, followed by its second location on October 20th at Yorkdale Shopping Centre) It’s an exciting time for Canadians, but we just found out that UNIQLO Canada has announced the debut of the 2016 Fall/ Winter Uniqlo U collection in Toronto, Ontario, on September 30, ahead of all North American stores!
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Travel & Lifestyle | Pay it forward with LE CHÂTEAU

I recently shared a very intimate story about my journey towards finding myself with LE CHÂTEAU (click here to see it now) and have come to realize that clothing can truly change the way I feel. This month’s #LeStyleChallenge came to me while I was spending the day with my BFF. Catherine has been such an integral part of my life and I wanted to pay it forward with her by taking her shopping at LE CHÂTEAU. Come see how treating your BFF can help to not only make them feel amazing but can also remind you what is truly important in life.  Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Pay it forward with LE CHÂTEAU”

Events | H&M HOME is coming to town!

By now it should come as no surprise that we are HUGE fans of H&M – and there’s yet another reason for us to be celebrating. The long awaited arrival of H&M HOME is right around the corner, and on February 25th, CF Toronto Eaton Centre will open the doors to it’s newly renovated space. Trust me when I say that this is going to be an incredible reveal when those doors open! Continue reading “Events | H&M HOME is coming to town!”