Living la dolce vita

I think the thing I love most about wine, especially when it is paired with delicious food, is its ability to transport you somewhere beautiful. When sipping on a glass of wine from Italy, for example, I like to imagine the rolling hills of Tuscany or the vineyards of Chianti while indulging in the effortless romance of Italian cuisine. It’s why when we had the opportunity to partner with Castello di Gabbiano to celebrate their historic winery and the beauty of Italy, I simply had to tell you all about it. I also simultaneously started looking online for trips to Italy for the team and I to visit the Tuscan castle and immerse ourselves in la dolce vita. After all, I’ve yet to visit Italy and what better time to start planning? Continue reading “Living la dolce vita”

Travel & Lifestyle | It’s time to get away with Catalonia Hotels & Rauxa Tulum

The summer is coming to an end, and with that, it means that it’s probably time to start thinking about a vacation. I know that I could use one! Earlier this year I had the pleasure of visiting Catalonia Hotels’ Royal Tulum with Julio and Nick to unwind and relax at one of our favourite destinations in The Caribbean. Not only did we immerse ourselves in the resort and the beauty of Mexico, but we also were some of the first people to experience the NEW Rauxa Restaurant & Show! Come and see how this experience is one you simply have to experience for yourself as soon as possible! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | It’s time to get away with Catalonia Hotels & Rauxa Tulum”