Not EXACTLY How I Saw This Year Going

As with most of my more vulnerable and honest blog posts, I am often back and forth on if I want to hit publish at all. While I love that I can sit here and share (sometimes too much ) with you my darling reader, the vulnerability it takes to pull the curtain back and share the whole picture is at times overwhelming.

I want to say that everything in my life is perfect and it’s all smiles and big pay cheques with brand partners, but in reality it’s far from that. And I am sitting at my dinning room table in July of 2022 feeling like I’ve failed in several ways this year and all over again.

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I’m Leaving Toronto and It’s Time I Tell You Why

It’s a blog title I never thought in a million years I would be writing on if I’m being honest. Nine years ago at this time of year, I was three short months in to my life in the big city and it was finally going to work out this time I assured myself. A few moves prior to that one fizzled out – for those of you from Toronto you may not know this, but moving to Toronto isn’t easy. If you don’t have (affordable) housing, a good job / any job lined up, a support network and other things many of us take for granted ready for you here, it’s overwhelming to say the least.

So why after all of this success and flourishing would I ever give that all up?

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Looking Back on 2020

It feels as though I’ve been getting ready for the end of this year since it started. Yes, as I have continued to affirm both here and on social media, there is a lot to be grateful for in 2020.

But, let’s be honest…. sometimes I think I’m saying it over and over to convince myself on those days where I sit staring at a computer screen with nothing to say. It’s been a year of impatiently waiting silently for my creative spirit to come back. And when she didn’t, I had to start improvising and fast.

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