5 Ways to Celebrate Pride in Toronto

As Julio packs his half of the luggage upstairs before we leave for Toronto this weekend for Pride celebrations in partnership with Destination Toronto, I am sitting at our dinning room table looking at my nails and some videos we’ve been teasing of our drag alter egos Anna & Esmeralda here and here. TBH I’m smiling because it feels like I am coming to understand a certain part of myself as a gay man that I never knew properly. I guess the timing couldn’t be any better since this weekend is a jam packed weekend of events, professional drag performances, the Pride Toronto parade and so much more. If you’re still on the fence on how you should celebrate or can support, here’s your answer!

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How I Celebrate The Important Moments

Saturday October 12th and it’s exactly five days before my thirty-sixth birthday. Being that the coming week is set to be one of the busiest for me personally and professionally, I decided that I would celebrate my birthday a little early with Julio to make sure it’s not forgotten like it was last year. So without further ado… here’s what I’m up to today to celebrate in the best way I know how in the city of Toronto.

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