Food & Wine | Celebrating Halloween with Crystal Head Vodka

When I stop to think about Halloween, some of my best memories asides for the trick or treating years are the parties I attend and the fantastic cocktails that I have created and enjoyed with friends. This year I thought to myself, besides the best way to celebrate Halloween in Toronto, that I would partner with one of my favourite vodka brands to help celebrate the season. Crystal Head Vodka is a product that I keep stocked in my home year round for it’s quality and taste, but it is also the perfect base for your Halloween celebrations and cocktails this season. Come & see why when you are shopping for parties you are attending or hosting this year, how Crystal Head Vodka is the perfect choice for you and your friends. Continue reading “Food & Wine | Celebrating Halloween with Crystal Head Vodka”

Food | Diamond Estates Fervently Fall

I’m pleased to announce that Diamond Estates and FASHIONIGHTS have partnered together to bring you seasonal posts of things up and coming in the wine world. This edition, titled Fervently Fall, is all about what’s hot for those fall days of changing leaves and sweater weather, but also for those evenings nestled in with the ones you love. I’ve had a chance to sample what’s coming this season, and trust me when I say that you’re not going to want to miss these new arrivals. Continue reading “Food | Diamond Estates Fervently Fall”