Food & Wine | #DISARONNOWearsCavalli, and Versace, and Moschino….

Okay. I’m actually a giant geek and most people don’t realize it. I like to collect things (within reason) and when I don’t have a complete set it bothers me a LOT. So, when I got my hands on this year’s much anticipated collaboration of DISARONNO and Cavalli, it made me very happy. Not only because of the beautiful DISARONNO, our favourite amaretto flavoured liqueur, but also because of the limited edition bottle that houses it! Continue reading “Food & Wine | #DISARONNOWearsCavalli, and Versace, and Moschino….”

Food & Wine | We may not be a fashion blog but we know one thing: #DISARONNOWearsCavalli

When it comes to collaborations, you’re most likely used to hearing about them on with Julio. But every now and again, I get the chance to tell you about a collaboration that is so powerful, foodies are celebrating fashion. Yes, that’s right. It’s time for the annual DISARONNO collab and this year reveals that the limited edition bottle is wearing the iconic Roberto Cavalli. I mean. Who wouldn’t? We’ve got all the details on this beautiful new bottle and why you do NOT want to miss picking up yours today. Continue reading “Food & Wine | We may not be a fashion blog but we know one thing: #DISARONNOWearsCavalli”