Let’s Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

I almost always laugh when I see memes about bloggers and how they take you on a long winded story before they get to the point of the blog post or the recipe they are sharing – you know the ones! While I know that I can be long winded I do hope that if you’re sitting down to read this right now it’s because I bring a certain pizaz to my writing that you enjoy and that resounds with you. Be it your first time on the blog or you’ve been with me since day one nine and a half years ago. Well my friends, today I’m going to embody that stereotype for the purpose of giving you a glance into who I was many moons ago vs who I am today and you’ll understand why we took a walk down memory lane.

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Travel & Lifestyle | Three ways to get your life right-side up with the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball™

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it feels like the world flips itself upside down. One way that I try to find balance in my life is by giving our home a good clean. When my home feels organized, so does my mind. I laughed when I admitted it to myself because I hear my mother in my head saying “Just turn on some music and give it a good clean!” Recently, Catherine and I reorganized our home office and it really helped me to feel as though I had a renewed sense of structure and energy. Your wellness is often connected to the cleanliness of your surroundings, even if you get a carpet cleaning in Joplin company to do the work for you. There’s no shame in getting help when doing the spring clean. However, if you do have the energy and time to do it yourself there’s a brand new piece of technology that can make it a breeze for you.

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Travel & Lifestyle | Our Top 5 #BackToSchool items from Best Buy Canada!

So to get into the Back to School spirit, Catherine and I decided to sit down and look through our high-school yearbooks. After laughing and reminiscing at what it was like to know each other as teenagers, we found a few very special photos. What I quickly realized about myself was that I was always that student that got excited about going back to school. A new year meant a fresh start, new clothes and most importantly new gadgets! To celebrate the #BackToSchool 2016 season, I’ve partnered with Best Buy Canada to bring you my top 5 must have items. Come and see some pretty hilarious photos of us and what students this year, our opinion, must have to have the best year possible! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Our Top 5 #BackToSchool items from Best Buy Canada!”