Events | All the ways we are celebrating #WorldEggDay!

Did you know that October 14th is #WorldEggDay? The Egg Farmers of Canada are helping Canadians celebrate this delicious day and I have been secretly working with them on an exciting project to coincide with the celebrations. Eggs are not only a good source of nutrition, but in Canada with the help of Egg Farmers of Canada, are also supporting deserving communities and charities. Come see what I mean and how you can get cracking on a delicious #WorldEggDay of your own! Continue reading “Events | All the ways we are celebrating #WorldEggDay!”

Contest | We love eggs so much we’re giving you another chance to #WakeUpToYellow & Win!

For those of you who follow along on our social media adventures, you’ll have seen that at the beginning of the month we celebrated #WakeUpToYellow bright and early with Egg Farmers of Canada. To show Canadians the importance of starting their day off with local eggs, egg farmers gathered in major cities from coast to coast handed out delicious egg sandwiches and yellow daffodils to morning commuters. We also told you about a chance to win the amazing #WakeUpToYellow prize – and we had so much fun doing it that we are running a second contest worth over $500! Continue reading “Contest | We love eggs so much we’re giving you another chance to #WakeUpToYellow & Win!”

Contest | Start your day off right, #WakeUpToYellow & Win!

When it comes down to it, I think my favourite meal of the day has always been breakfast. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a hearty and healthy way to start the day off right. It’s why when I heard about the #WakeUpToYellow contest that our friends at Egg Farmers of Canada are launching today, I got really excited and had to share it with you. We’ve got all the ways you can enter to win a $3000 prize and enjoy delicious eggs with us! Continue reading “Contest | Start your day off right, #WakeUpToYellow & Win!”

Food & Wine | A little #MommyKnowHow goes a long way

I’m sitting here giggling to myself as I write this blog post, because I am NOT a mommy. Recently was invited to an informative breakfast by The Egg Farmers of Canada here in Toronto. As my resident mommy expert, Amanda was unfortunately not able to join so I decided to attend in her place. Sitting around a table at Colette Grand Café as the only man, I quickly learnt that a little #MommyKnowHow goes a long way. We enjoyed a delicious meal and an engaging conversation about the myths surrounding feeding eggs to our babies. Come and see the facts about eggs, babies and what it means in an age of ever increasing allergies for our little ones.  Continue reading “Food & Wine | A little #MommyKnowHow goes a long way”