How To Adult

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As you may have noticed, 2017 has been a busy year for me both personally and professionally. The most important thing that I have learned is that it takes time to achieve the things I want in life. One of those big factors, be it finding a new home or planning to adopt a baby, is my credit score. I’ve always worried about it being too low, I even looked up loan rates with a credit score of 640 to 670 just in case I would need it. After all, more and more things you may want to do in life may be put off or be made impossible due to your credit score, which is not ideal and can be extremely frustrating. For example, if you’re looking to rent a house or apartment, it is likely that the landlord will run a tenant credit check, perhaps using services similar to what’s available at The good news is that it’s not impossible to get something if you have a low credit score. But obviously it’s a lot better to have a high score.

For a long time, I was like many of you: I didn’t want to talk about money or budgets. But as I’ve grown-up, I am becoming more comfortable with the idea that good things take time. This is why I am excited to announce our partnership with Capital One Canada to share their new Credit Keeper™ ® tool, which allows me to track and watch my credit score improve. Knowledge is power, and Capital One customers are now more empowered than ever to take control of their financial goals.
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Travel & Lifestyle | 5 #BackToSchool saving tips from PC Financial that won’t break the bank

With #BackToSchool season upon us, Canadians have started to realize that their personal finances are about to change. Education can be expensive and parents need to come up with different ways they can save enough money to put their children through college. Some parents invest in capitec shares, some set up a savings account as soon as their kids are born, and others rely on loans. But whether you’re a student about to pay tuition for the first time, or a parent about to help your child get ready for their next academic venture, the truth is that money is a topic that we shouldn’t navigate away from. Whilst money shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all to how you live your life, it can help tremendously when it comes to paying for further education and tuition. Parents want their children to have the things they never had, and if that means getting involved with buying stocks and shares, with the help of a österreichische Broker to guide them along the way, then some people will do this if it means they can put extra cash in their pockets.

Whilst this subject can create stress and anxiety for a lot of people, it doesn’t have to be this way, especially when money is something that we need to talk about. Thankfully, somewhere like PC Financial has come up with 5 tips for savings that you can use right now to ensure you aren’t breaking the bank this year, and we are happy to share them with you all! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | 5 #BackToSchool saving tips from PC Financial that won’t break the bank”

Travel & Lifestyle | We’re getting personal about personal finance with MOGO

Let’s be honest. When you hear the word, Finance, for a lot of us, this isn’t going to be the most exciting conversation. No one likes to talk about money & budgets because at the end of the day we’ve been brought up to think it’s taboo. But this is something we all have to think about, as we need money for pretty much everything. What is it about personal finance that is so intimidating? We all have bills to pay and we all want to work towards those big-ticket purchases in life. I’m excited to share with you that Canela & I will be a part of MOGO’s newest campaign coming very soon (best. photoshoot. ever.) Leading up to the big reveal, I wanted to take some time to get personal about personal finance with MOGO and I’m excited to share my experience with you. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | We’re getting personal about personal finance with MOGO”