A Wellness Weekend Away with Ford

Lately, I’ve been working overtime to keep up; juggling two full-time jobs, plus trying to stay on top of my health and fitness game isn’t easy. Most days, weekends included, I operate in overdrive. So I was ecstatic when I received the invite to attend a wellness weekend in Montebello, Quebec with Ford Canada. My body desperately craved some much needed rest and relaxation. How did Ford know I needed a weekend just to chill out?

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Out of the Ordinary, Not Out of the Way

Although we travel a lot with the blog, sometimes it’s nice to just hop in the car and take an old fashioned road trip every now and then. With lots of great options around the Toronto area, we decided that we’d visit the diverse and developing area of Kitchener-Waterloo, known as part of Canada’s “technology triangle”. Daniel and I packed up some of our family – his husband and my mother, and headed on our way out of town for a weekend of fun.

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My Top 5 Ford Canada Moments

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with amazing brands around the world. As our family continues to grow with new contributors coming onto the blog regularly, I decided it was time to look back on some of my favourite #DoTheDaniel moments with Ford Canada. I’ve combed through countless events, experiences and vehicles to create my Top 5 Ford Canada moments over the years as we begin an exciting 2017 with them. I can’t share all the details just yet, but needless to say we can’t wait to share some exciting things coming down the pipeline for Canadians with our favourite car company.  Continue reading “My Top 5 Ford Canada Moments”