Start 2018 With Positivity

Have you ever noticed that as the winter settles in on the city, that people forget to have common sense or courtesy? It drives me crazy to see someone blocking a GO Train door with their HUGE knapsack, or not letting a pregnant woman sit down because they’re playing Candy Crush on their GO train ride home. Yes, as Canadians we are kind and lovely people, but even we have our etiquette fails when the weather drops below the freezing point.  Continue reading “Start 2018 With Positivity”

What’s your Biggest #EtiquetteFail?

Okay so picture this. You’re commuting to work or travelling home, minding your own business and enjoying the ride. What does that scenario look like to you? How do you want to be treated? How do you want to feel? I would hope for a peaceful, efficient ride from one destination to another – and that’s usually the case for me. But, sometimes I have been supremely annoyed by someone blasting music, talking loudly or eating smelly food. Not to mention those who decide that they’re not gonna let me use a seat because their bags apparently need somewhere to sit. Hello. I have a bum and your bag does not, good sir.

Continue reading “What’s your Biggest #EtiquetteFail?”