The Importance of Seafood Sustainability

In recognition of National Seafood Month, The Marine Stewardship Council and Nobilo Wines held an event to discuss and educate individuals about the importance of sustainable seafood. Growing up, seafood was part of our regular diet. My mom often opted to cook it because it was lighter and healthier than eating red meat. To be honest, although I grew up eating seafood frequently, I’ll admit I knew very little about seafood sustainability prior to this event.

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The Beauty of Human Honesty

Aloha! I’m Ashlyn, a quirky, fun and adventurous creative with a deep love for food, anime, WWE, history and culture. So who am I? Well, I have been many things. From a budding photographer, commercial and stunt actress, to blogger and content creator. I should admit that I haven’t always been a creative person, at least not in my opinion. My creativity is something I have nurtured and developed over time. But there is so much more to me than this. Continue reading “The Beauty of Human Honesty”