Food & Wine | BBQ, Road Trip, Picnic & Summer Nights ready with the NEW #‎PCInsidersCollection‬

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, I am excited for weekends away, summer nights and roadtrips with friends. The process of planning a roadtrip isn’t like planning for a holiday. I don’t get as stressed as I do when I know there is so much for me to consider, especially if you’re going to be boarding a plane to the other side of the world and have no control over anything. But when it comes to the girl’s road trip, this is always an exciting time.

This time, I was in charge of the travel arrangements. We all felt it was best to hire a van this time, as it meant we could take more things with us. I then decided it might be worth getting van insurance, as you never know what could happen when you’re on the road for a long period of time. But we did not want to pay over the top for our insurance as we were already stretched in terms of expense for our trips. So, we decided to compare camper van insurance through various online portals. Luckily, we found a good deal on one of these sites.

While we are on the topic of road trips though, I must tell you about my plans for the rest of the summer. You see, some friends of ours own a couple of RVs so they go on road trips quite often. They have recently purchased a brand new RV from an RV dealer in NC and have promised to take me along on their next trip. I am so excited and cannot wait to check out their new RV for myself very soon!

Anyway, as for our last road trip, once our insurance was sorted, we were pretty much good to go! You’ll remember that last year Brittany brought you some delicious recipes to using the delicious #PCInsidersCollection products? (click here for her delicious cottage themed creations!).

With a whole new line of summer favourites available for Canadians, we are about to share all the ways you can fall in love with food again with President’s Choice. Continue reading “Food & Wine | BBQ, Road Trip, Picnic & Summer Nights ready with the NEW #‎PCInsidersCollection‬”

Travel & Lifestyle | How a beauty favourite is helping to change the world

If you’re like me, you have beauty products that you love and have used for many years. Most of mine have fond memories associated with them because, after all, I am a hopeless romantic. One of these is Aveda Universal Styling creme because it reminds me of my youth with Catherine in Ottawa when she introduced me to a hair straightener and a whole new world of products. Seems silly, but it’s one of my favourite memories and has helped Aveda to become one of my favourite brands.

I’ve recently learnt about Aveda’s #EarthMonth initiative and how they are helping to change the world and I simply had to share in my excitement of joining in. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | How a beauty favourite is helping to change the world”

Travel & Lifestyle | What does it mean to #LiveYourPassion?

For those of you who follow along in our day-to-day adventures, you’ll have seen that we recently attended a fitness class with our friends at Genuine Health. While working on my fitness, I also learnt a lot about what it means to be healthy and find balance in my life. In a world where it’s so easy to get lost in everything we have going on, I have made a promise to myself to focus on being a healthier me. Along with some products I’ve picked up from Genuine Health, the next few months are going to be about finding my passion again. So, what does it mean to #LiveYourPassion?  Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | What does it mean to #LiveYourPassion?”

Travel & Lifestyle | Why we said goodbye to wedding stress & were ready to #SayHelloToLove

As 2015 comes to an end, I am looking back on some of my favourite moments. It’s been an incredible year and one that has taught me a lot about myself and the life I have created. I quit my job to become a full time blogger. I broke into the UK with Brittany and Nicola as an international blog. I found inspiration in watching family and close friends find themselves. But I have to be selfish and say that my favourite moment of 2015 was when I finally married Julio on a beach in the Dominican Republic after months of keeping it top secret. Along with Booking Hello and Catalonia Hotels & Resorts, we were able to create the perfect destination wedding and want you to know that in our opinion, it’s the best way to get married. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Why we said goodbye to wedding stress & were ready to #SayHelloToLove”