Being “Green” Has Never Looked This Good

Having had several moments over the last twelve moments where I was able to stop and realize how much I have grown, I am finally able to be happy with the man I am today in 2019. I am not perfect, and just like you I have made a lot of mistakes. That’s human nature – and I think some of the best lessons I have had to learn have been from loss and challenging choices. And my friends, that is okay.

We have to go through all of that in order to properly appreciate those things, and people, we love with all the ferocity of our hearts. Or at least, that is how I am choosing to see this year. I know what I feel, what I think, what I believe, and who I want to be as a man. Both for myself and for those in my life. One of those decisions comes from the knowledge I acquired in 2018 about my impact on the world around me with the purchases I make.

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