Tools To Kickstart Your Health This Spring

For those who don’t know, I’m a wellness junkie. I’m all about trying the latest health trends in order to learn more about what works best for me and my health. So whenever I hear about a new product on the market, I have to check it out. It can be overwhelming to navigate the wellness world, but I’ve got your back. That’s why I’ve put together a list of health products to keep on your radar this Spring.

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Creating memorable morsels with Bonne Maman

For the past month my oven has been broken and it’s been hell trying to coordinate a time to meet with the repairman to get it fixed. My creativity for cooking meals that don’t require an oven is dwindling fast, especially now that cold weather is creeping in and my body craves warm food. So I was thrilled to receive an invite last week from Bonne Maman to attend a four-course meal prepared by chef Jon Svazas of Bar Laurel. The twist? He creatively incorporated jam into each of his dishes. Not only was I excited to check out Bar Laurel for the first time, this meant someone was going to cook for me, someone with access to an oven. #winning Continue reading “Creating memorable morsels with Bonne Maman”