#TIFF15 | Harbinger’s #ElevateLoungeTO ends our TIFF roundup on a high note

I am writing my final Toronto International Film Festival post and it’s a bitter sweet moment. For us at DoTheDaniel.com, this year’s TIFF festivities were our favourite to date and leave us excited for 2016. Ending our intensive coverage from celebrity sightings, screenings and other events is Harbinger‘s #ElevateLoungeTO.  Continue reading “#TIFF15 | Harbinger’s #ElevateLoungeTO ends our TIFF roundup on a high note”

Family Lifestyle | Kandoo – Part 1

So, I may not be a “new” mom, but I’m definitely a mom who is new to having a 4-year-old-spring-time-kindergartener! I had NO idea he could get this dirty! No, but really! When Lyric was younger, I (like most new moms) bathed my lil baby every day. He was just so perfect and new and I didn’t want to mess him up! As he got older, he developed very dry skin, and would scratch himself while he slept until he would cut himself. Now, I’ve learned that bathing your child (or yourself for that matter) every day isn’t the greatest for your skin. So I backed off, started bathing him every other day, or every 3 days. When he started school I noticed he would definitely be a little sweatier than normal, but now that the weather is nice, he comes home just DIRTY! Those recesses spent in the sand, rolling in the grass, practicing his “dance moves” or just running around has him needing to get clean more often.

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Family Lifestyle | Learning made AWESOME!

If you checked out my Holiday Gift Guide this year, you would’ve noticed the most current LeapFrog tablet, the LeapPad Ultra XDi! Lyric was fortunate enough to get the original LeapPad1 for his 2nd birthday, and we LOVED it! It was immediately easy to use, even for my fresh 2 year old, as well as durable! As the saying goes.. it gets better with time, and this is so true when it comes to the latest release from LeapFrog!

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