Nothing is More Memorable Than The Perfect Fragrance

Have you ever been walking, minding your business or lost in emails on your phone during a busy day, and smelled something that made you stop in your tracks? This happens to me all the time. Whether it’s the smell of turkey this past weekend that immediately brought me back to memories of my mom & dad in the kitchen in Ottawa during Thanksgiving, or the smell of a cologne that brought back memories of specific men in my life. I am someone who loves to smell good and I believe that choosing the right fragrance completes my morning routine. Earlier this year I was introduced to two scents that I have added to my rotation (yes, I collect fragrances. A habit I picked up in my last relationship) and I wanted to share why each of them adds something distinct to my day-to-day life.) Continue reading “Nothing is More Memorable Than The Perfect Fragrance”

Contest | The 2016 #DoTheDaniel Holiday Gift Guide & #DTDxmas giveaway

The holidays are an exciting time of year, but like many of you, I am left wondering what gifts are “the right gifts” for those I shop for. Thankfully, along with the team around the world, we have worked with some amazing and inspiring brands throughout 2016. With brand marketing and the resultant engagement at an all-time high, it was not long before these brands would have wanted more exposure for themselves. Understandably, finding innovative ways to get in touch with the public and tackling the social media algorithm becomes important for businesses, especially the ones who are just starting off. While some resort to improving their social visibility by using wholly managed growth services like Social Runner, others follow the tried and tested method of giveaways!

I have read through every post of these brands and have compiled a list of my personal holiday must-haves that are sure to help make the holidays happier this year. And since there is something to be said for #DoTheDaniel tradition, I am giving one lucky Canadian the chance to win the entire #DTDxmas gift guide worth over $3,750.00! Continue reading “Contest | The 2016 #DoTheDaniel Holiday Gift Guide & #DTDxmas giveaway”