The Year I Remembered To Take Care Of Myself

By now you’re coming to understand that December is a month that I take the time to look back and be grateful for the lessons the year has taught me. Some of them easier than others, but that’s life sometimes. As I get ready for an amazing 2019 with the #DoTheDaniel team which continues to grow around the world, I am acknowledging that 2018 was the year I remembered to take care of myself again. 

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Learning To Take Care of Myself

Is anyone else really on the #SelfCare bandwagon these days? I am spending more time in the kitchen cooking, I am trying to focus on being more physically active, and I am learning to do the little things that I like doing that I lost track of because “life was busy”. One of those things I am appreciating again, and my husband would laugh if he ever heard I admitted this, is taking care of my skin. Continue reading “Learning To Take Care of Myself”

No, It’s Not a Dirty Word

For those of you who follow us, you’ll have seen that a few month ago Catherine & I visited North Medical Spa to experience some of their incredible treatments first hand. While Catherine will bring you more BTS about her HydraFacial and why she can’t stop talking about it, I wanted to go in a different direction with this post.

Many friends will already know, but I opted to get botox for the first time ever. Before you start jumping to conclusions (like I know I used to when I heard that word) I wanted to take a minute to dispel some myths about this hot button topic, and to tell you why I will continue with treatments now that I have had a first hand experience supported by medical professionals and fact.

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