Everything is about to change

Have you ever had one of those moments where you realize you are on the brink of something big? Lately, I have been having that feeling in a lot of difeferent capacities. But especially when it comes to our partnership with Huawei Mobile Canada. I’m also a bit of believer that things happen at exactly the right moment, when we are most ready for them. For as long as I can remember the number 16 has been my favourite number. Two years ago, on August 16th we adopted Canela. On September 16th my niece Rebecca was born. On October 16th it was my last day at my full time job and the beginning of running Do The Daniel full time. 

So what is so important all of this you ask? Well, October 16th 2017 marks another exciting day for myself and Huawei around the world. The #HuaweiMate10 is being revealed in Munich, Germany and the world of mobile devices as we know it is about to change.  Continue reading “Everything is about to change”