In case you needed another reason to love W Hotels

As I prepare to head off on another adventure around the world, I am left looking back on the last year of travel. Whether it’s alongside Catherine and the team, or with Julio on a romantic getaway, we have had some pretty epic experiences. You’ll remember that we went to Montreal to visit W Montréal (click here to read all about it), so when we found out about a few new properties opening up in 2017 AND a special collaboration with the new W Hotels Global Fashion Innovator Joan Smalls, I wanted to take a minute to share the news with you first!  Continue reading “In case you needed another reason to love W Hotels”

What dreams are made of

As we slowly inch our way into the spring months, I am left wondering what adventures 2017 will hold for the team and I around the world. It feels as though the past few months have just flown by and I am left feeling a little bit drained. After a recent visit and tour of The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto with Catherine to talk about some exciting things they have in store for tourists and Torontonians alike, I decided I wanted to share what my dream stay at the hotel would look like. Someone make sure to tell Julio for me, okay? Continue reading “What dreams are made of”

This Valentine’s Day, you deserve to reward yourself.

I like to believe that life is about experiences rather than belongings. I am far more inclined to want to plan a trip or romantic meal with Julio. This Valentine’s Day, I have decided that Julio & I need a break and some well deserved quality time together. Over the last year, as I have been travelling for work, I have been avidly collecting Marriott Rewards and saving them for something special. I love how my hotel stays in Canada accumulate points that I can use around the world! SO this Valentine’s Day I am surprising Julio with a trip full of romance and beautiful experiences. Who says that romance is dead?  Continue reading “This Valentine’s Day, you deserve to reward yourself.”

Travel & Lifestyle | Experiencing Los Angeles for the first time in ten years as a #MarriottRewards member!

As the most amazing year ever is slowly coming to an end, I am looking back on all the fantastic adventures that I have been lucky enough to experience and share with you all. From Mexico with Julio, to Las Vegas with Catherine, and everything in between. One of the most incredible travel experiences I have ever had was alongside Gracie Carroll (lovingly referred to as my work wife) where we went to Los Angeles to attend an exclusive concert available to us as Marriott Rewards members. Today I am sharing some of my favourite moments from the trip, all the reasons why I love being a #MarriottRewards member, and how the huge growth Marriott has seen is helping to make travel even better for Canadians!  Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Experiencing Los Angeles for the first time in ten years as a #MarriottRewards member!”