Health & Nutrition | #StartBreathing with GEOX Nebula

I love being in the outdoors.  Maybe it’s the little tree hugging, hippy granola lady that lives inside of me speaking, but I crave a solid connection with the earth on a regular basis.  And I’m talking more than just my two feet planted on the concrete.  I mean those running jumps into a patch of wildflowers, the feeling of sand between my toes, the ocean lapping at my smiling face, the warm summer sun beating down on my back, breathing in fresh mountain air… the closer I can get to nature, the better.  

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Events | Artemano Siam Collection | Nature is the ultimate atmosphere

When I first started school to become a Holistic Nutritionist, I had little to no knowledge about the idea of a mind-body-spirit connection.  What I did have, was a gut feeling.  And in staying true to myself, I followed it wholeheartedly, as one always should.  I started to feel connected when being guided to follow my intuition regarding the energy of what surrounds me or to my relationship with the earth.  This is what keeps me balanced, a well-combined mix of realist and dreamer.

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