The easiest way to win 2018 NBA All-Star game tickets

I am happy to share that I’ve started 2017 with a renewed sense of balance. Yes, I am working towards a healthier me inside and out. But I am not restricting myself from indulging in the finer things in life either. You’ll remember that last year we shared our #KFCisForChicken experience from farm-to-table (literally!) and since that point, I feel better knowing that KFC Canada chicken served in their local restaurants is real, Canadian, farm-raised chicken. With a new year comes new and exciting things from KFC. This month we are joining you all in hopes that using the new KFC All-Stars app we might just win a chance to go to the 2018 NBA All-Star game! Continue reading “The easiest way to win 2018 NBA All-Star game tickets”

Food & Wine | The best #NBAAllStarTO event you didn’t know was happening

Though Julio is the expert on all things luxury, every now and again I get to tell you about something before he does. While the city of Toronto settles after an incredible weekend of NBA All Star madness, the most luxurious event took place without most people knowing about it. Thankfully, we were invited behind the proverbial velvet rope and can finally share it all with you. Louis XIII hosted an exclusive lounge hidden away at Thompson Toronto for the most elite of guests, and after sipping on this 100 year cognac for the first time, I can assure you that it is the best of the best.  Continue reading “Food & Wine | The best #NBAAllStarTO event you didn’t know was happening”

Events | Twitter gets you #NBAAllStarTO ready

For those of you living in or visiting Toronto this weekend, you can feel the energy and buzz that is taking over the city I call home. From the Canadian International Auto Show, Valentine’s Day and of course the NBA All Star Weekend – there’s something exciting happening at every turn. Twitter, one of my favourite social media platforms, is ready to help you enjoy and express your #NBAAllStarTO love with some new hashtag emojis – and I have to say, it’s gotten me excited! Continue reading “Events | Twitter gets you #NBAAllStarTO ready”