The Small Things Make the Biggest Difference

My family goes in three different directions every day. Lincoln has school, and Kyle and I both have our careers. We literally phase through our schedules, some weeks without a second thought, and then wonder how it became December so quickly. I won’t lie: Kyle and I are often the fly-by-the seats-of-our-pants-and-hope-to-pie-we-don’t-mess-it-up kind of parents. Our routine and structure comes from what we have going on in our work lives, so we try to make sure that our days together as a family contain few restrictions.

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When It’s Not Just Your Kids Returning To School

Transitioning out of August and into September brings thoughts of cool nights and warm, sunny days. The dog days of summer and the refrain of the song synonymous with both the winter holidays and the back to school season. But is it really the most wonderful time of the year? New clothes, books, pencils…the list is endless. In my household, the change in schedules and sleeping patterns wreaks havoc for at least a couple of weeks. And then we have the class schedule drama. Having two teens brings a certain amount of controlled chaos to your life. Especially when they have been away at a local camp for nearly all of the summer. The camp that they went to was similar to Camp North Star which they went to when they were younger and it still has the same effect on them now. They always come back hyper after these trips which is definitely not what you need when you’re preparing for them to go back to school. At least they had a good time though.

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