Am I Becoming a Fashion Blogger?

Obviously I’m kidding – I would never lay claim to the world of fashion. One because I’m married to an actual professional in the industry who deserves that title, and two because lifestyle is my happy place for content with you all. That being said, I do know a beautiful piece or collection of clothing when I see it and this is a topic that requires a dedicated blog post as a love letter to forty years of iconic clothing.

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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day, all Things Considered

No one needs to tell you that this Valentine’s Day is going to be different than last year. If I hear one more person remind me that it’s the anniversary of something COVID related, I might actually scream. The world that we live in is heavy at the best of times these days, so I actually look forward to reasons to celebrate and smile. I thought that I might share some ways you can do the same this year in hopes I might inspire a little love and joy in your life.

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