The One Event We Never Miss

Have you ever stopped to think about what causes mean something to you? We try to actively support so many deserving charities in Canada and bring awareness to so many good causes. Each year, we are always excited to support and attend the motionball gala in Toronto. Not only does the event support the Special Olympics Canada Foundation, but it brings together like-minded people who want to make the world a better place with a fabulous night of celebrations. Come and see why we can’t wait for the 17th annual Toronto Gala and why I am excited to send Aram in my place this year for his first time! Continue reading “The One Event We Never Miss”

Events | Join us at motionball’s Marathon of Sport

In lieu of having our butts kicked during the recent Sweat for Motionball boot camp by the Adonis like trainers of Catalyst Health Yorkville (seriously. those boys. wow…), I am so excited for tomorrow’s Marathon of Sport for motionball taking place in six locations across Canada. Come and join us for an amazing day full of athletes in support of Special Olympics Canada! You can bet that these fantastic athletics will inspire future viewers to place bets on them through platforms like (check out for more info) and future players of the sport to continue pushing forward. Canada will definitely have some fantastic representation at the Special Olympics now and into the future at this rate. Continue reading “Events | Join us at motionball’s Marathon of Sport”

Events | Sweat for Motionball on April 25th

One of my favourite charities and events to support year after year is motionball. What many people don’t realize is that motionball is so much more than an amazing party that takes place anually. It’s a charity that works tirelessly to support TheĀ Special Olympics Canada Foundation. One such event that will be donating 100% of its proceeds is taking place this weekend here in Toronto. On April 25th, Sweat for Motionball will gather together young & old for a day full of fitness geared entertainment. It’s time to break a sweat with me and make a difference on a beautiful Saturday morning. Continue reading “Events | Sweat for Motionball on April 25th”