C’Mon Barbie, Let’s Go Party!

It is no shock that this blog is essentially a Barbie fangirl page – over the years I’ve spoken about how as a little boy my Jem and The Holograms Barbie was my favourite toy, and let’s be honest, Barbie to this day at the toy and brand that speaks to so many of us in different ways. From our collection of Barbies and the dolls from the extended family, this blog and our home will forever preach the importance of inclusivity and diversity that we’ve seen over the years with my favourite blonde bombshell.

Recently it seems as though Barbie is back to IRL events along with us all and I simply had to tell you about some of my personal favourite collaborations to inspire your pink fantasy!

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A YSL first is coming to town

When I think about YSL Beauty, I always think back to the early days of dating Julio. When he would stay over at the house I was living in at the time, and in the morning he would shower and start his beauty routine. I’ll never forget how excited he was to tell me about touche éclat when I told him that I didn’t know what it was. Since that day, Julio and his love of YSL beauty has continuously kept me informed on beauty trends using some of the best YSL products. So much so, that his enthusiasm has become contagious, and I find myself picking up the latest items for Catherine & I regularly. When I found out that on Wednesday, November 1st, YSL Beauty will open the doors of its very first pop-up shop in Toronto, I knew I had to share with you all!  Continue reading “A YSL first is coming to town”

Contest | Be a #TIFF15 celebrity with your very own #NKPRIT15 Swag Bag!

Asides the glitz and glamour of The Toronto International Film Festival, the star-studded red carpets & movie previews, a lot of movie lovers don’t get to experience the incredible array of celebrity gifting lounges. We’re always so blessed to attend and cover some of the best that take place to show you a behind the scenes look. Celebrity cast members, personalities and media alike celebrate within these lounges produced and operated by some of our favourite PR firms – Thanks to our friends at NKPR, DoTheDaniel.com is giving away one of the highly sought after #NKPRIT15 gift bag to one lucky Canadian! Come & take a look what that means and how YOU can enter! Continue reading “Contest | Be a #TIFF15 celebrity with your very own #NKPRIT15 Swag Bag!”