Something We All Agree On

As the new normal starts to settle in, I’ve come to realize now more than ever that my decisions have a real impact on those around me and the world as a whole. Amid my day-to-day, I’m also much more aware on how stress is taking its toll on my body both inside and out. While I’m no health expert – I trust practitioners like Catherine for those things – I know that as I get older I need to take care of myself.

It’s why I’ve become more introspective. Evaluating each and every brand I buy personally, it has become more important than ever to be mindful of making more ethical and green choices for me and my family. Something I am sure that more of us can agree on.

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The Importance of Seafood Sustainability

In recognition of National Seafood Month, The Marine Stewardship Council and Nobilo Wines held an event to discuss and educate individuals about the importance of sustainable seafood. Growing up, seafood was part of our regular diet. My mom often opted to cook it because it was lighter and healthier than eating red meat. To be honest, although I grew up eating seafood frequently, I’ll admit I knew very little about seafood sustainability prior to this event.

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Travel & Lifestyle | Take a step into the IKEA Pop-Up Experience & #StartFooding today!

If you follow along on our social media adventures, you’ll have seen that this was a BUSY week for us with some amazing events. One of them was the media preview of the BRAND NEW IKEA Pop-Up Experience which opened its doors to the public today at 363 King St. here in Toronto and will run until May 26. Come and see why you need to step foot into this engaging space to learn about the latest IKEA must haves and to taste some delicious food while you’re there. If you didn’t already love IKEA Canada, you will the moment you arrive! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Take a step into the IKEA Pop-Up Experience & #StartFooding today!”

Food & Wine | An easy to make recipe the whole family will love with #WWFSchoolOfFish

For those of you who remember, we spoke about the work of WWF Canada & MSC earlier this year when Julio attended the #WWFHealthyOceans dinner for us. Since that inspiring meal, I have made the conscious decision to be aware of the choices I make when shopping for seafood and MSC certification is now a standard that I look for. So when WWF Canada & MSC asked me to create an easy to make delicious meal in 25 minutes using their certified products, I was excited to create something that we could all enjoy together. Continue reading “Food & Wine | An easy to make recipe the whole family will love with #WWFSchoolOfFish”