Family Lifestyle | Mother’s Day Gift Guide Giveaway!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize that their mother’s are right, and probably have been all along! I know that I always thought I knew the way to do it, and there was no telling me otherwise. And then I became a mom. (I swear there should be some kind of class or test or something before they just hand you your child and send you on your way.) I was forever asking my Mom how to do just about everything… was I doing this wrong? should I be doing this instead? should I be worried about this? is this normal?… Somehow our Mom’s just know it! Even when she was simply agreeing with me it felt like then I was assured.

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Food & Wine | It’s easier than ever to have your very own #TetleyTeaParty

I am a coffee fanatic. With a busy schedule and life, you wouldn’t want to see me at 5am without a big mug full of caffeine. That being said, I also really love a cup of tea. There is something soothing about it and heaven is a place on earth while I sip that cup soaking in a hot tub. Doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I am at peace with the world.

Recently Julio & I had the chance to attend a #TetleyTeaParty at Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto. During this immaculately executed event (follow the #TetleyTeaParty hashtag to see what I mean!), I was introduced to pairing tea with food. Having never experienced this to the level of wine pairings I am so adept in, I was pleasantly immersed in a whole new world. You could say I enjoyed steeping in the process of it all. Yes. I just did that.

With four flavours in the Tetley Signature Collection that we sampled, no matter what the occasion, Tetley Canada has a tea for you. Be it to soak in the tub after a long day or to enjoy with a beautiful meal, there is something for everyone. The Signature Collection takes tea to a new height with elegant blends and coy names. Take a peak at what we had the chance to enjoy and keep stocked in our pantry ever since! Continue reading “Food & Wine | It’s easier than ever to have your very own #TetleyTeaParty”