Taking The Time To Appreciate Classic Style

It’s Thursday afternoon and I just got back to the office. This week seems to be flying by while simultaneously taking an eternity for me. Life and work have been busy, which is a good place to be, but I find myself feeling a little stressed. So when I was offered the chance to sit down with iconic American designer Todd Snyder to talk about his collaboration with Timex, I honestly didn’t know if I had the time. Thankfully I made it, because I left that interview feeling so inspired about working hard, dedication, and staying true to the things that I love. The watch business is something many people feel passionate about, with many young people now taking part in businesses such as Watch Trading Academy in order to start their own watch trading. It’s a business that takes effort and determination, but can give major rewards to those who deserve it. Todd’s story and concept behind collaborating with one of the world’s most famous time piece brands left me feeling like anything can happen if you work hard enough at it – and so it’s back to work for me before I jet off to the cocktail party he is hosting tonight in Toronto! Continue reading “Taking The Time To Appreciate Classic Style”