The Most Fabulous Countdown to 2021 Awaits

This week, this month, this year…

Yeah. It’s been a lot.

I have so much to be grateful for and such incredible memories to cherish. I’ve become friends with so many talented people virtually. But if I am being honest, I’m very much ready to cheers to 2021 and countdown the final few days. Giving it some thought, I came to the realization that we deserved to spoil ourselves while we do it. Because if I’m going to be in Toronto and not able to see my family, I’m going to do this as fabulously as I can with my husband.

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Let’s Talk About Those #Views

Working through the challenging moments of 2020 has definitely taught me a lot about myself. From the every day stresses of paying bills and working from home, to the bigger thoughts of what’s 2021 going to be like, something I now know is that it is important to disconnect. Over the last few months Julio and I have been showcasing some ways to relax and have a change of scenery, and this past weekend we did just that on a #Staycation fit for a Queen.

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Travel & Lifestyle | Celebrating Special Occasions in style with the iconic Trump Toronto

By now it will come as no surprise that we love Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto. Over the last few years we have chosen to spend some of our personal and professional special occasions in the most memorable way we could think of. Take a look here, here and here for some of my favourite moments at the hotel and its immaculate amenities.

What I love most of all is that we have now created a tradition of celebrating Julio’s birthday. It’s something that I plan and look forward to every year because I know that Trump Toronto will create a one of a kind experience that is simply the best in the city. Our recent stay was yet another perfect experience that helped me to realize this luxury hotel in Toronto is one of the best hotels we have ever stayed at and will continue to do so. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Celebrating Special Occasions in style with the iconic Trump Toronto”